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(Free)Course Platform

Hi everyone, in this post, I want to mention some course platforms which I used a lot. Nowadays, information is easily accessible for everyone. If you have a free Internet connection, you will search and gain your information. From this point, many students want to take some courses from the best universities like me.    I … More (Free)Course Platform

Sorting Algorithms

Hi everyone, in this post, I want to mention about sorting algorithms which are Data Structures sorting algorithms. For instance, when we want to sort a given array, we need to use some techniques or algorithms which make it easy. In Cs department, we learn some sorting algorithms and their complexities. Complexity is an important point … More Sorting Algorithms

Mass and Weight

Do you know how much you weight? Is your weight the same thing as your mass? The answer is NO. Weight and mass are different. Weight is the gravitational force between an object and the planet or moon where the object is. On Earth, your weight is the strength of the gravitational pull on you due … More Mass and Weight